Walking Through Doorways Makes You Forget Important Things

I came across an article today titled, “Walking Through Doorways Makes You Forget Important Things”. Well, if you read my previous post (ADD :: Stupid Brain) you’d probably understand that my primary reaction to this epiphanal psychology study was, “Well, duh!”. This is the kind of thing I live with on a daily basis.  Hell, I don’t think I even need to walk through a doorway.

The thing that really caught my eye on this was the metaphor it brings.  It really is an appropriate way to describe how ADD affects you.  I can have my wife ask me to pick up some butter at the store. That’s the only thing I need to get. Like the happy puppy I am, I walk out of the kitchen, through the dining room, into the hall, tuck my head into the closet to get my shoes, walk out the front door, get in the car, get out of the car, and go into the store.  Now, think about that. That’s now, by my count, 8 doors I’ve passed through (I count the closet as 1 as I only stuck my head in) on the way to getting butter at the store.  The fact that I come back home with bread, ice cream, and a cool Darth Vader spatula…should it surprise anyone that I forgot butter if I passed through 8 doors?

The confusing part of the whole thing is it does bring us back to the idea that ADD is part of the Human Condition. Is it something that really is a problem, or am I just allowing that part of my brain control the rest of it.

No matter how you slice it, the metaphor of your memory being linked the translation from one room to another is food for thought.

Oh, and seriously, you have to check out the Star Wars spatulas from Williams and Sonoma:

Darth Vader Spatula