Roger Ebert

There’s not much to say other than cancer sucks. It takes people from us way sooner than we ever want or they ever deserve. Roger Ebert is an interesting story for me. Being that I grew up in Chicago, Ebert was part of my childhood. He was always there in the kind of way you don’t realize until 30 years later.

He was there when I arrived in Vancouver at the age of 24 and because he was so familiar, I never thought twice about the fact that I had just moved thousands of kilometers from home. He was simply part of my life.

Now, he’s gone and I am surprised at the affect his death has had on me. I didn’t realize that he was an inspiration with his heroic approach to his disease and life after cancer (treatment). It is a special kind of humility that allows you to put yourself in front of millions without a jaw and all the cosmetic oddities that come with it.

I never met him. I never really paid attention to him beyond knowing that I could generally rely on his movie reviews to provide me a good landmark for choosing what movie I’ll go see. Take care, Roger. I’ll show your humorous and inspiring TED talk as my thank you to a lifetime of unrealized stability.