ADD :: Beauty is Worth 3 Minutes of Your Day

While I am an industrial designer I also studied Photography while I attended Purdue University.  I actually always considered myself a better photographer than a designer.  I tend to know beauty more when I see it as opposed to extracting the beauty from my mind and portraying it to the world.  Photography always seemed to tap into that part of me.

Now, if you add moving pictures to that…that’s something that taps into my soul.  An example would be trying to explain the feeling of inspiration I get walking out of a good movie.  Especially something that is visually creative (e.g. Anything Pixar and/or animated).

Where, as a designer I don’t get “moved” by good design to the same degree.  I am impressed by it.  Even amazed.  But it doesn’t reach through my chest and squeeze some part of me I didn’t know existed before.  I know that the lines of a well designed vehicle does that for some people. Or maybe it’s the harmony that comes from a well balanced illustration (actually, that does it for me more than an object tends to).

I believe that my affinity for photography is tied to A.D.D. With design – Industrial Design in particular – you need to put in the time to create beauty.  Rarely does beauty fall out of your head onto paper.  And most definitely it doesn’t fall out of your head into a tangible, 3D object. But, especially with the advent of digital photography, the results are essentially instantaneous. It is also why I believe I went into Industrial Design as opposed to photography.  Photography was pure, it was real, it was easy.  It was something that I could do my whole life and not turn it into “a job”.

Then, I come across a blog post that reminds me about my love for photography.  And to take it a step further.  I come across a blog post that takes landscape photography and merges it with time lapse video.  The result is beautiful.  It is a simple reminder that beauty is all around us.  Sometimes we have to slow down and realize that to achieve beauty, you have to put in the time and effort.  It is more than the right shutter settings and pressing a button.

I highly recommend you have a look at Dustin Farrell’s video.  It is about three minutes long…and beauty is always worth 3 minutes of your day!